In 1993, responding to the suggestion and support of family and friends, Javier Denis decided to create a family company to manufacture and market the famous "original recipe" that continually many people solicited to his mother Doña Yiya. This is when born the Sofrito Doña Yiya, considered by experts and consumers the best sofrito in the market.

Javier had the challenge to produce large quantities and consistently the same "original recipe with secret touch" of her mother recipe and so many people liked. It was after many tests that Javier succeeded in developing Doña Yiya Sofrito, synonymous with the highest quality and taste.

From 1997 Sofrito Doña Yiya start selling their products in the biggest and most importants supermarkets on the island and emerge as a leading brand in the refrigerated market. Because of this and in response to the high demand and acceptance of Doña sofritos Yiya, its founder and president, Javier Denis decided to invest in new machinery that allowed him to develop new packages and products

By the year 2005, taking advantage of the charisma of his creative Doña Yiya, the company launched its first advertising campaign "Made as Homemade" (Hecho como Hecho en Casa). Also start packaging other products which currently still produce and distribute like mincen garlic, minced garlic with cilantro and Red Sofrito.

Committed to quality products and accepting the challenge of being a versatile, flexible and dynamic company, Doña Yiya Foods Inc. opened its new facility in San Sebastián del Pepino in August 2007 and currently maintaining the same commitment to excellence and the company continue growing with new products and in new markets in the United States and Latin America.